illy BAR collection 2009 espresso Pedro Almodovar

Illy bar collection
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  • illy bar cups collection 2006
  • New never used.
  • 3 illy espresso cups & saucers.
  • NOT Signed and numbered 
  • espresso cups
  • Disigner: Pedro Almodovar
  • Espresso bar cups

Pedro Almodovar:
Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar has put his name to this illy art collection, in which each cup was inspired by by a poster of one of his filme.
The series represented by individual cups, spans the director's entire career.
He rose to international fame in 1998, with " woman on the verge os a nervous breakdown.

This success was followed by " tie me down , High heels" and " The flower of my secret". In 2004 Bad education" was chosen to open the cannes film festival, and recieved geat acclaim from critics worldwide. 2006 saw the released of " Folver" , winner ( also at Cannes) ofthe awards for the best screenplay and best performances by the actresses Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maura and other members of the cast.

Name collection : Pedro Almodovar
Name artist: : Pedro Almodovar
Introduction year: : 2009
Manufacturer: : ipa
Type: : Espresso
Coppies: : ?
Inscription: : illy espresso
Signed & numbered: : No
Special edition: : No
Other editions: : amici collection - illy art collection
Note: :