illy collection - 1993 - Espresso cup - Federico Fellini - Ginger é Fred - Limited edition / Edizioni Speciali.

Illy collection Limited edition
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  • illy collection 1993 -  Limited edition.
  • New never used.
  • In the original gift box.
  • 1 illy signed and numbered - Espresso cup and saucer.
  • Disigner: Federico Fellini - Ginger é Fred.
  • No coffee included.

Ginger and Fred

A limited edition, sold out some time ago, was made of the cup celebrating the Tuttofellini exhibition put on in New York in 1993, sponsored by illycaffè.

They’re a way of looking the film in the eye, an attempt to fix something, even something tiny, barely significant, but which I feel has something to do with the film anyway, that hints at it…. all this rampant, inexhaustible, graphic junk, which would appeal to a psychiatrist, may be a sort of clue, a thread, at the end of which I find myself in the fully lit studio, on the first day of shooting….”, wrote director Fellini, also a great humorist and cartoonist, about his huge production of drawings.

This cup shows his self-portrait, unmistakable with his ever-present scarf, while Ginger and Fred dance under his guidance.
Name collection: : Ginger e Fred
Name artist: : Federico Fellini
Introduction year: : 1993
Manufacturer: : Richard Ginori
Type: : Espresso
Coppies: : 6000
Inscription: : illycaffé for TUTTO FELLINI New York 1993
Signed & numbered: : Yes
Special edition: : Yes
Other editions: : Yes illy international convention cup 1994
Note: :