Illy art collection 2012 Monumenta

The illy Art Collection designed by Daniel Buren for Monumenta 2012 – four espresso cups in limited edition – draws on a visual pattern chosen by the artist in 1965, which later on became his distinctive mark: alternating white and colored stripes (8,7 centimeters wide), inspired to the pattern of a very common fabric at that time, especially to manufacture awnings, deckchairs, mattresses, and pillows. The artist uses this “outil visuel” in order to define once again the space and let the eyes establish a new relationship both with the space and with the objects.
The four black espresso cups are on saucers of growing diameters. Little by little - as a tale that reveals itself - the black stripe in the middle leaves space to white and then to green, yellow, orange, and blue, all colors that on the hidden side of the saucer redesign the art work and the place to which it belongs.

Illy art collection 2012 - Cup 1


Illy art collection 2012 - 2


Illy art collection 2012 - cup 3


Illy art collection 2012 - cup 4