daniel buren

Daniel Buren

Born in 1938 in the outskirts of Paris, Daniel Buren in 1960 obtained the diploma at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers d’Art of Paris. In 1965 he begins to adopt the stripe of 8,7 centimeters, the characteristic mark of his whole production, drawn from an awning fabric very common in France and elsewhere. In 1966 he is one of the founders of the minimalist conceptual group Buren, Mosset, Parmentier, and Toroni. He has coupled architecture and painting since his first collective international exhibition “Prospect 68” in Düsseldorf, and his solo art exhibition at the Apollinaire Gallery of Milan in 1968: he always works in situ. In 1986 he represented France at the Bienniale Exhibition of Venice and he was awarded the “Leone d’oro” for the best pavilion. His architectural works led him to work on different materials and directly on the structures upon which he intervenes. His art works, always of huge dimensions, are site-specific, and later on are always taken apart. Their existence is therefore documented only by films and photographs made by Buren himself. These documents are called “photo-souvenirs” and are neither shown nor sold, but only published in books and catalogues. All “photo-souvenirs”, as they are called and their names suggest, cannot replace the real art work. Daniel Buren has performed all over the world and he says to belong and to be a citizen of the place where he is working at any given moment.