illy collection 1997 venexia

illy art collection Luca Trazzi VeneXia

Artist - disigner: Luca Trazzi

Name collections: VeneXia - White - Platinum - Gold.
Introduction year: 1997
Type: Espresso
Manufacturer: Mitterteich
Signed and numbered: Yes

Designers are inspired by the illy cup handle. By turning the handle into a figurehead, Luca Trazzi turns the cup into a gondola, wich glides away in its triple version of white, platinum and gold. VeneXia was produced for the 47th edition of the Venice biennale: by making an everyday item like a cup valuable, Trazzi is paying a playful tribute to his roots in veneto and to the town which hosts the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art.

Illy art collection 1997 VeneXia white

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Illy art collection 1997 venexia platinum

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Illy art collection 1997 venexia gold

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